Presight Solutions launched the first commercial barrier monitoring software to combine operational, organizational and technical elements into leading safety indicators and dynamic bow-tie visualization in 2011, in the aftermath of the Deepwater Horizon accident in the Gulf of Mexico. Presight Barrier monitor (BM) continuously retrieves data from any digital system to be able to indicate the status of the barrier elements. Examples of systems are maintenance systems, competence matrices, HR/resource planning systems, documentation, training, inspections, drills, risk assessments, PtW, condition monitoring systems, inhibits- and isolation logs, etc. Presight BM communicates this information in a simple and understandable way. The barrier status is visualized on a high level, with drilldown to details on the lowest level.
Presight BM is used for both decision making and to communicate barrier awareness. Examples of use are operational planning, management of inhibits, permit to work approvals, strategic planning, maintenance planning and prioritization and platform morning meetings.
A successful barrier management process with monitoring of barrier status that makes information easily accessible will ensure a better HSE awareness throughout the organization, better overview of the risk, better assessments, better decisions and thus an improved safety level.