About us

Presight Solutions AS

Presight has 20 years experience delivering niche software solutions to companies in the energy sector operating offshore. Our solutions monitor operational risk for unwanted events such as major accident hazards, harm to people, environment and equipment and down time. The solutions help our clients meeting regulatory requirements within risk management and expectations from the company and industry to conduct a safe and efficient operation.

Vision and Values



We anticipate challanges and take initiative to address them swiftly and effectively. We are self-motivated and forward- thinking acting before problems occur.


We embrace change and continiously evolve to stay in the forefront of the industry, marked trends, technologies, and customer demands- Together we find the best solutions.


We are growth-minded, brave, and we embrace learning. We are willing to try new things, strive to push boundaries, setting and new standards.


We care for eachother and out clients. We have an appreciation for our unique qualities and lead with compassion and empathy. We protect people, assets, and the environment.


Our vision is to be the trusted partner of energy companies, providing our clients with the insight and tools they need to achieve their goals, optimise efficiency and enhancing safer operations.