Presight Operational Reporting

Presight Operational Reporting

Presight Operational Reporting is an adaptable and configurable software for operational reporting with interactive visualisation.

Presight Operational Reporting automates operational reporting by simplifying manual data entry, automatically collecting data where possible and delivering accurate and timely reports. Presight Operational Reporting provides many advantages such as tracking of parallel activities, increasing data quality by reducing inaccuracies, automatic report distribution as well as providing real-time operational dashboards for further data analysis and visualisation.

Presight Operational Reporting facilitates interactive data analysis of operational performance, tracking of chemical consumption for CO2 reporting, operational weather data, detailed information about non-productive time and well performance.
All data can be aggregated by time or operation, to be used for internal and external marketing or KPI monitoring. Benchmark rigs and vessels across your fleet and get a holistic picture of company wide HSEQ data.

Data can be visualised in Presight’s own performance monitoring dashboards with embedded Power BI, or accessed using the built-in API.

Work process
Digitalised data flow to avoid unnecessary manual labor and ensure timely and updated information and reports.


Quickly and easily register 24 hrs work on-the-go using multiple handheld devices, even in offline mode. Synchronisation is automatic when the device gets network signal.


Data validation can be done on any connected computer, together with registration of informations such as HSEQ, well status, daily and weekly drill, marine and air traffic, bit/coring, chemicals, shift handover, etc


All data can be synchronised to an onshore or cloud based server. Multiple and configurable reports can be generated from all locations to avoid any unnecessary manual labor that can lead to costly delays.


Our Presight OR can be combined with embedded Power BI reports to create excellent KPI dashboards in our operations performance software.