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IADC HSE & Sustainability Asia Pacific 2023 Conference & Exhibition

The recent International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC) HSE and sustainability Conference in Kuala Lumpur was a success, bringing together industry experts to discuss important topics like safety culture and risk mitigation. Speakers emphasised the crucial...

7 Benefits for Digitalising your Risk Management Strategy

Digitalising risk management is a key step towards managing safety risks efficiently and comes with many benefits. But before we dive in, let us introduce you to the key features of our Barrier Monitor™ solution. Presight Barrier Monitor™ is a tool used to monitor and...

4 Exhibitions and 3 Countries: A Look at Presight’s Travel Itinerary!

Presight has had a busy start to the year and planning many exhibitions and activities this year. Here is a look at some of this years activities and conferences where we will be exhibiting our solution for risk management in a safety barrier perspective. One of the...

Vi er på Risikostyringskonferansen 2023!

Vi har stand i utstillingsområdet hvor vi demonstrer det digitale verktøyet  Presight® Barrier Monitor™. Dette er vår industriledende løsning for dynamisk overvåking av sikkerhetskritiske barrierer, barrierefunksjoner hvor både tekniske, operasjonelle og organisatoriske barriereelementer inngår fra dynamiske datakilder.

Happy festive season from Presight!

As the year draws in and holidays are approaching, we take some time to reflect on 2022. Early in the year, Covid restrictions prevented us from meeting and…It is safe to say that we have had a busy autumn this year with webinars, networking gatherings, and by attending many conferences. Presight demonstrated how our Barrier Monitor solution can monitor these factors from a barrier management perspective. We communicated the importance of combining barrier management with monitoring safety culture for a more holistic approach to safety management.

Welcome to Presight’s networking event

Finally, we are again able to meet in person. Presight would like to invite you to a networking event at our premises where we can discuss and learn from each other. The topic for the session is human factors that influence safe offshore operations and how to monitor them.

Presight is doing a research project on safety culture

A strong safety culture in place helps an organization to set a high level of standards for all safety processes. In this regard, Presight is developing a model to capture safety culture score in various organizations/operations. The model is currently being piloted in an oil and gas organization.

Can we use machine learning to predict safety culture?

Can we use machine learning to predict safety culture? Navin Isaiah, CTO at Presight Solutions AS, and his development team has been working on a new feature lately. The feature is able to predict the safety culture in an operation by using machine learning.Using...

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