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Operations management in the oil and gas sector covers more than just production efficiency; it ensures operational safety and integrity. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) play a vital role in tracking and improving all facets of operations, from production rates to environmental stewardship.

Operational KPIs, by measuring production efficiency and asset uptime, offer essential insights for refining operational processes and setting strategies to boost production while cutting losses.

KPIs for energy management and emissions tackle the sector’s environmental footprint, aiding firms in monitoring energy use per barrel and meeting emission cutback targets in line with regulatory compliance and sustainability objectives.

Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) KPIs, such as safety incident rates and observation cards, guarantee compliance with safety norms and environmental laws, mitigating hazards and promoting workplace safety.

Project management KPIs, focusing on adherence to project schedules, ensure companies finish projects promptly and within budget, thus boosting operational efficiency and economic outcomes.

Automated daily reports move users from manual excel records to automatic distribution of daily operational data to key stakeholders.

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Operational performance management

Presight Operations Performance aggregates information regarding risk, strategy, operations, quality, projects, processes, HR and finance in a single interface to provide the right business context to make the right decisions.

Daily Operational Reporting

Presight Daily Operations Reporting automates operational reporting by simplifying manual data entry, automatically collecting data where possible and delivering accurate and timely reports