Barrier ManagemenT ™

Barrier Management is a fundamental aspect of process safety management; Not only about compliance or avoiding accidents, but also ensuring operational excellence, protecting people and the planet.

Barrier Management is a critical component of process safety management in industries that handle hazardous substances, such as the oil and gas industry.

It involves the identification, implementation, and maintenance of technical barriers and non-physical measures designed to prevent accidents and minimise their impact. These barriers can be technical or physical, such as safety valves, containment systems, and firewalls. Or they can be human barriers such as procedures, training, and emergency response plans.

Why Presight Barrier Management:

  • To prevent, mitigate or reduce risk of major accidents.
  • To demonstrate compliance with industry, customer or regulatory requirements. To get a full risk overview and in -depth insight with a few clicks from a comprehensive risk management software.
  • To allow for high situational awareness of current risk picture.
  • To predict future trends on barrier status and to see past and historical conditions.
  • Holistic and flexible visual view of the interplay between technical and human factors that keep barriers intact and asset safe. People and Process are the human factors made up of the organisational and operational elements and the Plant is the technical elements.
  • Different risk perspectives presented in dashboards  for different roles and responsibilities in the organisation.
  • Industry recognised solution.
  • Workshops based on best practice using Bowtie analysis, and consulting services.

With Presight Barrier Management platform you can confidently demonstrate that your assets are compliant and you know it.

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The story behind Presight Barrier Management

Presight Barrier Management, first launched a commercial Barrier Monitoring software in 2011, in the aftermath of the Deepwater Horizon accident in the Gulf of Mexico.

The idea was to combine operational, organisational and technical elements with a focus on leading and corrective barriers in a dynamic bowtie visualisation.

The focus was for the software to continiously retrieve data from any digital system and show real-time status of the safety barriers. It was important to communicate this information in a simple and understandable way.

The barrier status is visualised on a high level, with drilldown to the lowest level. This enables the user to take proactive steps informed by the underlying cause of the status indicator.

The software combined with in-house subject matter expertise allowed for both decision making and to communicate barrier awareness. A successful barrier management process with monitoring of barrier status that makes information easily accessible will ensure a better HSE awareness throughout the organisation, better overview of the risk, better assessments, better decisions and thus an improved safety level.

Barrier Management Capabilities and Features

Real-time and Near real-time

Presight Barrier Management dynamically monitors, forecasts, and visualises your safety critical barriers based on real-time data across your existing business systems in one view.

Human factors with technical elements

Presight Barrier Management integrates human factors such as organisational and operational barrier elements or in other words people and process with plant or technical barrier elements. This provides a holistic view of what keeps the asset safe.

Presight Forecast Analysis

See future trends on your safety critical elements or on your NPT (non productive time) with forecast analysis, or see what historical conditions were at any point in time.

Presight Operational Risk Assessment

In the incidents where a complex risk assessment is not needed management can override the barrier status.

Drill-down to the source

Presight Barrier Management allows you to drill-into barrier elements to bring up relevant details to ensure desicion making on your Safety Critical Elements (SECE). 

Timely and Automated notifications

Presight Barrier Management supports notifications which allows decision makers such as Operations managers (OIM) or HSE managers to take action days in advance before undesired events are permitted to occur.

Different perspectives

Presight Barrier Management presents different perspectives in dashboards such as area perspective, compliance perspective, or MAH (Major Hazard Accident) perspective. This gives the decision maker a holistic view of how to keep their assets safe.  

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Presight Bowtie Workshop

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