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Presight is a technology-driven solution for data analysis and insights, with a focus on barrier monitoring and operational reporting in the energy offshore marked. With its advanced platform, you can access real-time data helping you make informed decisions and monitor the status of your safety barriers. Whether you’re looking to enhance your decision-making process, optimize your operations, or get an holistic view of your barrier health, Presight has you covered with its comprehensive barrier monitoring and operational reporting capabilities.


Barrier Monitor

Presight Barrier Monitor (BM) is a software solution automatically retrieving risk related information from existing business applications to communicate all elements influencing risk of major accidents, harm to people and environment, and down time visualise in a simple and understandable manner. In return, giving you a holistic view of your barriers. It combines technical, organisational and operational barrier elements and bowties.

Operations Reporting

Presight Operations Reporting (OR) automates operational reporting by simplifying manual data entry. OR automatically collects data where possible and delivering accurate and timely reports together with real-time operational dashboards for further data analysis and visualisation.

Operations Performance

Presight Operations Performance (OP) with is a dynamic digitalisation solution that retrieves data from any source system and provides a holistic picture of company wide performance data such as financial data, HSEQ and operational data for benchmarking and KPIs.

Presight Solutions AS – A Norwegian software development company located in Stavanger. We provide digitalisation solutions for increased safety and efficiency. Our team brings together seasoned professionals and innovative young talent to provide unparalleled risk management solutions. With a focus on adaptability, we employ cutting-edge technology and an agile approach to meet the evolving needs of our customers. Embrace a growth mindset and join us in delivering a fully digitalized solution for safety and efficiency through endless possibilities for integrations.



Our Solutions
Retrieving risk related information to communicate the status of barriers in a simple and understandable manner

The software Presight Barrier Monitor (BM)  is a powerful software that helps you make informed decisions by bringing together and organizing large amounts of data from all your different business sources. It presents this information in a clear and easy-to-understand way, so you can quickly see what’s important. This software was developed for Norwegian Operator Norsk Hydro in 2001, to help them make decisions based on current data, rather than just relying on past information. Over the years, it’s grown and evolved with new features and visualization methods to make it even more effective. The goal of Presight BM is to give companies like yours the best possible tools for monitoring their operations and making important decisions. It’s trusted and used every day by drilling contractors on the Norwegian and UK continental shelves.

A flexible and configurable software for operational reporting

Presight Operations Reporting (OR) automates production reporting by consolidating manual data entry, automatically collect data where possible and deliver accurate and timely reports. Presight OR will provide many advantages such as saving man-hours to fill in the data, reduce inaccuracy, combine all information into a single database, have an on-line dashboard, prepare customized reports etc.​
Presight OR combines data regarding well status, daily and weekly drill, flight and marine traffic, bit/coring, 24 hrs operation, HSEQ, misc. stock, consumables, weight onboard etc.
Presight OR provides the ability to register data by handheld devices.

Retrieving data from various source systems, supporting coherent business management

The strength in Presight Performance Monitoring (PM) is the ability to extract data from any underlying source system. Presight PM aggregates information regarding risk, strategy, operations, quality, projects, processes, HR and finance in a single interface to provide the right business context to make the right decisions.
Presight PM presents the information easily and transparently in various interactive dashboards for different decision makers. The information is presented in various formats such as tables, graphs, images, figures and lists in a visual interface. Quick navigation to relevant underlying data helps locate the source of potential problems. The result is easier and more automated access to the important information.
Presight PM includes action services and automatic generation of MOM for complete overview and follow up of business processes.


IADC HSE and Sustainability Conference in Europe 2023

On September 25th, industry leaders, including Andy Lambert (Head of Safety, Security, and Sustainability for Global Drilling at Equinor), Roar Sognnes (Principal Engineer at Petroleum Safety Authority Norway), and Per Henry Gonsholt (Vice President for Safety at Equinor), convened to discuss Major Accidents at the IADC (International Association for Drilling Contractors) in Amsterdam.
The Norwegian Petroleum Safety Authority (PSA) has established regulations in section 5, which stipulate the necessity of a combination of technical, operational, and organisational barriers for risk owners to comprehend the health and status of each barrier element. This discussion focused on how the combination of extensive data with qualitative evaluations across company interfaces can empower risk owners to gain an overview of the major framework status.

Presight at the annual Risk Forum hosted by The Petroleum Norwegian Safety Authority

The Safety Authority’s annual Risk Forum Conference shed light on significant safety concerns within the offshore energy industry. The findings underscore the need for better coordination, reduced reliance on excessive overtime, adherence to regulations on working hours, accurate tracking of actual hours worked, and greater recognition of cumulative risks. Addressing these concerns is crucial for safeguarding the well-being of offshore workers and fostering a culture of safety in the industry.

Cultivating a Strong Safety Culture

Presight has developed an innovative model to assess and capture the overall safety culture score within organizations. While low accident and incident rates may indicate good performance, Presight delves deeper to uncover potential issues that might be lurking beneath the surface. A punitive culture, for instance, can discourage employees from reporting minor incidents or near misses, thereby inhibiting proactive safety measures. Presight’s model helps identify such hidden concerns and empowers organizations to address them effectively.

IADC HSE & Sustainability Asia Pacific 2023 Conference & Exhibition

The recent International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC) HSE and sustainability Conference in Kuala Lumpur was a success, bringing together industry experts to discuss important topics like safety culture and risk mitigation. Speakers emphasised the crucial...

Presight on the topic of “Major Accidents” at IADC HSE and Sustainability Europe Conference

We are excited for discussions around Major Accidents and how the industry identifies, establishes and maintain barrier elements.

7 Benefits for Digitalising your Risk Management Strategy

Digitalising risk management is a key step towards managing safety risks efficiently and comes with many benefits. But before we dive in, let us introduce you to the key features of our Barrier Monitor™ solution. Presight Barrier Monitor™ is a tool used to monitor and...

4 Exhibitions and 3 Countries: A Look at Presight’s Travel Itinerary!

Presight has had a busy start to the year and planning many exhibitions and activities this year. Here is a look at some of this years activities and conferences where we will be exhibiting our solution for risk management in a safety barrier perspective. One of the...

Vi er på Risikostyringskonferansen 2023!

Vi har stand i utstillingsområdet hvor vi demonstrer det digitale verktøyet  Presight® Barrier Monitor™. Dette er vår industriledende løsning for dynamisk overvåking av sikkerhetskritiske barrierer, barrierefunksjoner hvor både tekniske, operasjonelle og organisatoriske barriereelementer inngår fra dynamiske datakilder.

Happy festive season from Presight!

As the year draws in and holidays are approaching, we take some time to reflect on 2022. Early in the year, Covid restrictions prevented us from meeting and…It is safe to say that we have had a busy autumn this year with webinars, networking gatherings, and by attending many conferences. Presight demonstrated how our Barrier Monitor solution can monitor these factors from a barrier management perspective. We communicated the importance of combining barrier management with monitoring safety culture for a more holistic approach to safety management.

Welcome to Presight’s networking event

Finally, we are again able to meet in person. Presight would like to invite you to a networking event at our premises where we can discuss and learn from each other. The topic for the session is human factors that influence safe offshore operations and how to monitor them.