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Improve your operational performance, process safety management, and sustainability with data analysis and insights. By leveraging real-time data and analytics, you can make informed decisions, optimise your operations, and ensure the integrity of your safety barriers.

Presight specialises in SaaS solutions for process safety management, offering niche software for barrier management, technical specifications, and daily operations reporting in the offshore energy sector.

Presight Barrier Management

Achieving a holistic insight into your risk environment has historically been a complex and daunting challenge for companies. With our industry-recognized Presight Barrier Management platform, you can gain a holistic view of your human and technical safety barriers that protect your assets. The Barrier Management platform will allow full risk overview of all barrier elements and in-depth insight with only a few clicks. In addition to historical and future trends, our real-time monitoring software is highly flexible and configurable to suit your needs.

Presight Operational Management

Operational Management encompasses key areas such as Operational Performance, Energy Management, Operations Reporting, and QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment) Management. Operations Reporting automates the process by streamlining manual data inputs to deliver accurate and timely reports. These can further be enhanced with real-time dashboards for advanced analysis and visualisation. Operational Performance leverages a dynamic digitalisation system to gather data from various source systems, offering a comprehensive view of company performance for benchmarking and KPI (Key Performance Indicator) analysis. This holistic approach ensures that every aspect of Operational Management contributes to overall efficiency and safety standards.

Presight Technical Specifications

Standardising technical requirements, particularly within process safety, has often presented significant challenges for organisations. Our innovative approach simplifies this process through the standardisation and customasation of component requirements to meet specific needs of each plant. This tailored approach ensures each plant benefits from the latest datasheet revisions. This elevates the cumbersome process of managing technical specifications and requirements, and the inconsistency in component specifications. Our technical specification solution improves compliance, operational reliability, safety, and cost-effectiveness to address a proactive approach to the complex demands of plant operations.

Our Solutions

Retrieving all risk-related information in one holistic view with flexible visualisation

Presight Barrier Management is an industry recognised software solution based on Microsoft technology. It has been in use in the offshore industry across the globe for more than a decade helping our clients minimise and mitigate the risks of major accidents in their operations.

The Barrier Management platform helps you make informed decisions by bringing together and organising large amounts of data from all your different business sources. It presents this information in a clear and easy-to-understand way, suited for your organisation so you can quickly see what is important. The goal and approach of Presight Barrier Management is to give companies like yours the best possible tools for monitoring their operations and making important decisions.

Presight Barrier Management is trusted and used every day by drilling contractors around the world.

A flexible and configurable software for Operational Management

Operational Management ensures efficiency and safety across your operations. By planning your daily operations, you can automate Daily Operational Reporting and automatically collect data where possible to deliver timely and accurate reports. These reports can be adapted to Industry Standards and be automatically sent to the right stakeholders. Presight Operational Management collects information about risk, operations, QHSE, Energy management, processes, HR, finance and much more. This information is then visualised in dashboards to provide business context to make the right decisions. These dashboards are flexible and easily configurable to suit the needs of the business.  

Retrieving data from various source systems, supporting coherent business management

The strength in Presight solutions is the ability to extract data from any underlying source system. Presight presents the information easily and transparently in various interactive dashboards for different decision makers. The information is presented in various formats such as tables, graphs, images, figures and lists in a visual interface. Quick navigation to relevant underlying data helps locate the source of potential problems. The result is easier and more automated access to the important information.

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The Presight Commitment

Real-Time insight

Our solutions provide a real-time to near-real time insight, offering insights into their operational risk, safety performance and Operations KPI's. This capability allows for proactive decision making enhancing the overall safety and efficiency of operations.

Accelerated Integration

With in-house development and highly configurable tools, our clients can benefit from an efficient implementation process, allowing time for aligning with clients' needs and testing to ensure everything runs smoothly. In addition, our software supports templates making it easy to manage, create and adjust your solution across assets thus saving time.

Adaptable Software

Our platform are designed to be flexible and easily customisable to enable clients to tailor for their specific operational context and safety goals. This means you can customise with your own colours, logo's images and configure dashboards to visualise data in a way that makes sense for your organisation. As a SaaS company, we offer flexible, cloud-based solutions that are accessible from anywhere, at any time.

Inhouse Development

Our in-house development cuts out third parties  and assures us that we can maintain control, innovate rapidly, and adapt our software solutions to the needs of our clients. We can assure that our technology meets our standards. This autonomy allows us to respond rapidly to emerging trends, client feedback and market demands.

Innovative Expertise

Our team consists of technology experts and industry subject matter experts who understand operations, risk management and safety in high-risk environments.

This combination assures that our solutions are technically advanced while being rooted in the reality of the industries we work with.

Being Norwegian Company known for its strict regulatory standards in safety and environment protection, gives us a unique advantage.

News and Insight

Who are we? 

Presight Solutions AS – A Norwegian SaaS company with niche solutions for data analysis and insight. With a focus on process safety particularly barrier management and reporting of daily operations in the energy offshore market.

The Presight Barrier Management solution represents the industry’s Best Practice, and has been developed in compliance with the world’s strictest offshore safety regulatory regime across the North Sea basin.

Our vision is to be the chosen partner for Energy companies in providing digitalisation solutions for increased safety and efficiency.  Our team brings together seasoned professionals and innovative young talent to provide unparalleled risk management solutions. With our in-house developement team we can adapt and align the software to your business objectives and operational needs quickly. By embracing new cutting-edge technology and trends, we take a proactive approach to meet the evolving needs of our clients.  We care for our clients assets and the environment.  Embrace a growth mindset and join us in delivering a fully digitalized solution for safety and efficiency.