Be forward thinking,

be Presight

Efficient and sustainable operation without compromising on risk

Barrier Monitoring

Ensure asset integrity by collecting data from various source systems for barrier monitoring

Operational Reporting

Track time and consumables during operational activities

Environmental Accounting

Track emissions during operations to ensure you stay within target levels

Data Cortex

Base your business decisions on data from all relevant data sources to ensure high quality decisions 


Our platform

Data Collection

Automatically collect data from sources and manual input from operations

Business Analytics

Define KPI’s, business logic and apply machine learning models on collected data

Operations Monitoring

Use data to understand current and future status enabling data driven decisions

Presight is making an Impact in operations

”Has increased barrier safety and risk awareness across our operations”

”As our drilling environment becomes more complex, we will continue to improve, as all of us can now recognise the signal from the noise”

”Discipline leaders and offshore crew are now driving our safety improvements”

”Red is not bad – now we know and can do something about it!”


Can we use machine learning to predict safety culture?

Can we use machine learning to predict safety culture? Navin Isaiah, CTO at Presight Solutions AS, and his development team has been working on a new feature lately. The feature is able to predict the safety culture in an operation by using machine learning.Using...

Expanding the Team

Expanding the Team

These two gentlemen have newly joined Presight Solutions AS. Øystein Aspøy and Talat Abunima will focus on expanding our business in existing and new market segments, both nationally and internationally. Welcome!

Presight PM with Power BI

Presight PM with Power BI

Presight Performance Monitoring with embedded Power BI gives you a new way of viewing, interacting with and sharing your data.