Safe and efficient operation driven by data

All operational risk elements in one view

20 years experience delivering niche software solutions to companies in the energy sector operating offshore

What we do

We connect to your existing business applications and automatically retrieve risk related information so that all elements that influence risk of major accidents, harm to people and environment and down time are visualized in one view.


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Use Case

Presight is making an Impact in operations

”Has increased barrier safety and risk awareness across our operations”

”Has increased barrier safety and risk awareness across our operations”

”Discipline leaders and offshore crew are now driving our safety improvements”

”Red is not bad – now we know and can do something about it!”


Happy festive season from Presight!

As the year draws in and holidays are approaching, we take some time to reflect on 2022. Early in the year, Covid restrictions prevented us from meeting and…It is safe to say that we have had a busy autumn this year with webinars, networking gatherings, and by attending many conferences. Presight demonstrated how our Barrier Monitor solution can monitor these factors from a barrier management perspective. We communicated the importance of combining barrier management with monitoring safety culture for a more holistic approach to safety management.

Welcome to Presight’s networking event

Finally, we are again able to meet in person. Presight would like to invite you to a networking event at our premises where we can discuss and learn from each other. The topic for the session is human factors that influence safe offshore operations and how to monitor them.

Presight is doing a research project on safety culture

A strong safety culture in place helps an organization to set a high level of standards for all safety processes. In this regard, Presight is developing a model to capture safety culture score in various organizations/operations. The model is currently being piloted in an oil and gas organization.