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Enhance your process safety to improve efficiency and safety of your operations.


Presight is dedicated to advancing asset excellence in process safety management, providing a solid foundation for organisations to achieve risk reduction and prevent incidents before they occur​.

Real Time monitoring operations

Presight Barrier Management

In tough, high-risk work environments, companies use many systems to oversee and manage the risk of serious incidents that could hurt people, the environment, equipment, as well as cause downtime. But when these systems do not talk to each other, it leads to isolated pockets of data, which makes it hard to see the full risk picture at any given time. When data is scattered in silos, important details that could affect how risky an operation is might get overlooked. With Presight Barrier Management, a comprehensive risk management software, you can mitigate risks and achieve compliance. Presight’s Barrier Management platform offers a holistic view and real-time monitoring of human factors (People and Process) and technical barriers (Plant) ensuring the safety of your asset.

Presight Operational Management

Transitioning away from traditional Excel sheets and manual logging of daily activities represents a significant challenge for many organisations. These conventional methods, while familiar, often lead to inefficiencies, data silos, and delayed decision-making due to the time-consuming nature of manual data entry and analysis. This process also increases the risk of errors, making it difficult to achieve a real-time understanding of operational performance. With Operational Management, you can digitalise real-time Operational Performance KPI’s, control emissions for CO₂ reduction in Energy Management, and plan and automate Daily Operations Reporting for all your operations.


Presight Technical Specification

Technical Specification addresses the challenges of standardising technical requirements, especially in the context of process safety. To meet the specific needs of each plant, standardising the technical requirements with the latest datasheet revisions compliance, operational reliability, safety and cost-time effectiveness will be upheld.
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