Presight Bowtie Workbench™


Create bowtie diagrams with our AI-powered user-friendly tool in your step towards risk management

Presight Bowtie workbench

With Presight Bowtie Workbench you can take a proactive approach to your Barrier Risk Management by analysing your organisations' barriers and ensuring safety across your asset.


The Barrier Management bowtie software allows you to identify human or operational, technical and organisational barriers to ensure safe and efficient operations. 

 Benefits of using Presight Bowtie Workbench

  •  Enables you to analyse your risk strategy and plan and manage them effectively. 
  • Introduces unique insight into your risk management. 
  • Visualises risk and barrier status of organisational, operational and technical safety barriers in a clear and understandable manner.
  • Allows you to meet your performance standards, industry or company standards and provides proof to regulators and insurance companies on how you are keeping your assets safe and compliant. 
  • Mitigates Major Accident Hazards (MAH)  and manage your mitigation measures to increase production levels and create accountability. 
  • Increases transparency across your organisations.
  • Guides decision-making by offering you to respond to changes and prevent the escalation of threats. As a result, operations will become more secure, safe and consistent. 

We understand that risk is complex and that ineffective asset management can cause longer maintenance time, higher failure rates and an increase of incident occurrences. Therefore, we have developed Presight Bowtie Workbench


The Presight Bowtie Workbench Capabilities and Features

The Presight Bowtie Workbench™ can be a product to be integrated seamlessly with your Presight Barrier Management™ solution or as a standalone product as part of your barrier management approach.

AI technology

With AI-embeddes technology, you can create bowtie models by effectively identifying and visualising your risk picture.

High Interaction

Presight Bowtie Workbench  allows you to directly interact with the bowtie to build, analyse, and manage bowties more effectively. This allows you to support risk managers to make changes effortlessly.

Efficient and dynamic process

By using the cloning and bowtie version feature the Presight Bowtie Workbench allows for a more efficient and dynamic bowtie analysis process.

Real time status during bowtie analysis

While working on your bowtie analysis you can see the real-time status of your safety critical barrier element.

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