Can we use machine learning to predict safety culture?


Navin Isaiah, CTO at Presight Solutions AS, and his development team has been working on a new feature lately. The feature is able to predict the safety culture in an operation by using machine learning.
Navin Isiah adds, “Using machine learning and AI, as opposed to traditional rolling average methodologies, creates predictions that are significantly more reliable and accurate”.

In one test case, the model was used to predict the safety culture of a crew on a drilling rig. The accuracy level increased by 37% when using machine learning, compared to when using rolling average methodologies.
Because safety culture and human factors are so vital for the risk level in operations, having machine learning models that can help predict the safety culture in operations, will be integral for organisations where humans are a major input factor in their operation.

Petter Johnsen, CEO of Presight Solutions, is content with the work of his development team. The team will focus on improving the model over the coming months before getting a pilot customer onboard.