Petroleum Safety Authority Norway key focus in 2022: Capacity & Competence

Petroleum Safety Authority Norway express their concern that capacity and competence are identified as nonconformities in a large number of their audits.

Petroleum Safety Authority writes in an article that conditions related to capacity and competence have been contributory

factors in a number of serious incidents over the past couple of years and urges decision-makers to pause and carry out a detailed assessment of the position in their own organization. 

“Safety in an increasingly complex sector can only be ensured through competent labour force and good manning levels”

                – Petroleum Safety Norway in an article issued October 29th  2021



Presight have had conversations with Petroleum Safety Authority and they confirm that capacity and competence will be of high focus for them in 2022.

How can Presight help you to meet the focus areas from Petroleum Safety Norway?

Presight can help with solutions that monitors the competence on crew and manning levels. This will highlight discrepancies between target and actual levels which can be acted upon.

“Presight can offer a digitalization solution that monitors manning levels and competence on crew operating on offshore vessels.”

The solution will not require any changes to existing IT infrastructure as Presight extract relevant information from existing applications (for instance Rig Manager, IntraPoint, Mintra OCS, Tycom, Training Portal, TM Master, Solab etc.) and presents the information in dashboards.




Be forward thinking, be Presight!