“Personnel shall be aware of which barriers are not functioning or have been impaired.” This is the sentence wherein the Petroleum Safety Authority (PSA) Norway has defined. The purpose is to reduce risk of major accidents for companies operating on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS).

Combining technical barriers with improved operational and organisational barriers for a more holistic approach

Presight has over the last years improved its focus on operational and organisational barriers in addition to technical barriers when building the Presight Barrier Monitor™ solution. For instance, Presight collects information about the crew that is currently on the rig and the crew that will enter the rig in the near future. The competence, drills and training of the crew are then compared to the operation plan to ensure that the rig crew has the required skillset for the planned operations. Should that not be the case, the company has time to do something about the situation before barriers are weakened or broken.

Presight has developed a methodology to meet the PSA requirement

Picture 1: The image shows where our solutions currently are in use across the world

 Presight has over the last eight years developed a good practice and digitalisation solution how to meet the PSA requirement “Personnel shall be aware of which barriers are not functioning or have been impaired”. The methodology has got input from many industry experts and representatives, including ex-Director of PSA, Magne Ognedal, which previously held a senior advisor role in Presight. The solution is currently installed on vessels across the whole world.