Presight Data Cortex™

Presight data cortex™

In the digital economy, being able to make decisions informed by data is a necessity. Organizations that make decisions based on data simply perform better. Modern technology has made data driven decisions more accessible for businesses in all sizes and industries.

Data as an Asset

Presight Data Cortex™ enables you to get a 360 degree overview of your business by collecting information from multiple data sources. The data is transformed from raw data to insight that enables better data driven decisions. Presight Data Cortex™ will ensure that there is one common information source across your company.

Why Presight Data Cortex™

Combine data from multiple data sources for full overview

Use machine learning for better decisions

Use historical business data to support your planning

Ensure secure governance around your business data

Most of the world will make decisions by either guessing or using their gut. They will be either lucky or wrong.
Suhail Doshi

Chief Executive Officer, Mixpanel

What can Presight Data Cortex™ be used for?

Financial analysis

When reviewing your financial data, blend in data from operations, marketing, HR and even from outside your organization to learn which factors that impact your profit and loss.

Operational monitoring

Track real time data from your operations so that you easily can make adjustments.

Identify bottle necks

Investigate data flows in your operation to identify bottle necks in your processes.

Customer behavior

Learn how your customers behave when they are using your website and see how this impact your sales


Benchmark your performance by collecting industry data from other competitors.

Technical Solutions

Presight Data Cortex™ connects to data sources using proven platform and technologies from Microsoft Azure leveraging the power and capabilities of the cloud. Use Power BI or your preferred visualization tool to analyze the data.