Our solutions

Our solutions

When operating in harsh high risk environments, multiple systems are installed to manage operational risk of unwanted events such as major accident hazards, harm to people, environment and equipment and down time. Several systems create data silos making it difficult and time consuming to get an overview of operational risk. Having data scattered in silos also increase the chance of missing important elements that impact operational risk.

Presight connect to existing data sources and automatically retrieves relevant data that has an impact on operational risk. The data is presented in holistic dashboards designed to meet user needs. By combining data from competence, training, maintenance systems etc., the user get a complete overview of both technical and human factors that impact operational risk.

Presight follows a methodology that ensures that all risk elements that has an impact on operational risk are taken into account and monitored.

Presight retrieves both historic, current and future data giving the user a holistic overview of historic trends and future development of operational risk. This enables the user to make data driven decisions and plans.