Technical Specifications ™

Standardising technical requirements will help your compliance, operational relability, safety and cost-time effectiveness.

Standardise your technical requirements with the latest datasheets revisions.


Standardising your technical requirements to components allows you to tailor the menu of the datasheets to each plant’s needs. For each plant all relevant datasheets are collected.

    Why choose Presight Technical Specifications:


    Consistency: Collecting all relevant data sheets and revisions in a singular system improves oversight and control. It allows for quicker access to the necessary specifications, making it easier for teams to follow updates and maintain accuracy in their operations. You can define all your specifications in one place, ensuring consistency by choosing components from a predefined list.

    Transparency and Availability: This makes information easily accessible to everyone involved in operations, creating transparency across the organisation.

    Quality Assurance and Compliance: Standardisation inherently boosts compliance with both internal policies and external regulations. Quality control is simplified as each component selected from the system adheres to predefined criteria, ensuring a high standard of safety and performance. The content of the texts are then validated to assure quality. This is achieved through the use of “signals” that indicate whether it is compliant or not. If a signal is red, it needs to be reviewed. 

    Historical Data: All data revisions are stored, making it easy to follow the history and view previous revisions of a particular datasheet.

    Standardisation: By standardising the requirements for components and tailoring them to specific process needs, you create a safer and more efficient process. You can assure to meet industry standards and process requirements. This eliminates the guesswork and inconsistency in selecting parts, leading to more efficient design processes and procurement cycles. 

    Adaptability to Project Specifics: While the system provides a standardised approach, its flexible nature allows for adjustments based on the unique requirements of each project or plant, ensuring that the specific needs of every operation are met efficiently.





    Technical specifications