Challenges in the industry to meet the expectation’s of the PSA (now Norwegian Ocean Industry Authority) on Barrier management

Karl Erik Dahl will be speaking for Presight at the TU Oil Summit 2015 on the 12th of November

Stream 3 Session: Connecting The Dots To Reduce Major Accident Risk In Offshore Operations
Presight presentation:
Following are extracts from the final 2014 PSA summary report on the 2010 Gulf of Mexico Deepwater Horizon major accident(DwH):
“Investigations of the DwH accident published so far have not identified new underlying causal mechanisms or causes. The DwH accident confirms that major accidents must be regarded as the result of a system error – in other words, a failure over time in a system of interconnected, to some extent mutually interdependent, players and processes.“
The PSA continues to identify that there is a challenge in the industry to meet their expectations to barrier management and continuous improvement. Several PSA 2015 offshore safety audits highlights the challenge still facing the industry; “There is no clear correlation between risk analysis and strategy and on to specific performance requirements for barrier elements.”
In a time when the industry is facing an economic challenge, which coincides with the move towards more complex systems, ultra-deep-water (UDW) and harsh-environment drilling operations, how are MODU contractors Ocean Rig, Songa Offshore, Stena Drilling and Saipem Norge connecting the dots of their complex socio-tech systems (Human Factors, Technology & Organization – MTO) to reduce chances of another DwH accident occurring.