Presight Solutions signs a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Mobydo for integrating Control of Works (COW) software SmartPermit® with Presight Barrier Managementto provide a more comprehensive solution.

Partnership between Mobydo and Presight; – Bringing the Major Hazard Accident (MAH) perspective to Control of Works.

Presight Solutions and Mobydo have agreed to establish a partnership to address the need for a complete holistic visualisation of potential hazards  during complex administrative processes.

This partnership further strengthens the safety and efficiency for large complex work tasks.

“For risk managers who face the daunting task of juggling numerous work tasks against an ever-present backdrop of potential risks, the integration aims to transform their workflow. No longer will they endure sleepless nights worrying about what might slip through the cracks”, says Bernt Kvam Randeberg CEO and founder of Mobydo AS.


The Control of Works, SmartPermit® integrates Safe System of Works for safe and effective operation management, such as Permit to Work (PTW), Isolation management, Risk Assessment, Audit Management, Experience transfer and much more. 

“The combined strength of Presight Barrier Monitor™ and SmartPermit® will provide a transparent, 

real-time view of all operational risks, making every work task visible and understood by all,

not just a select few experts”, he adds. 

Mobydo and PResight Deal

“We are excited to partner with Mobydo  as this is not just about bringing two systems together; it is about creating a singular, more comprehensive solution that allows for proactive risk management,” says Petter Johnsen CEO of Presight Solutions AS.

“This integration is an important step allowing risks associated with each work task to be clear before planning even begins, reducing administrative workload and allowing more time for the actual job at hand.”


The MoU will offer a new layer of transparency, ensuring all workers are fully informed of the real, immediate risks tied to their tasks.

This partnership is paving the way for safer and more efficient operations by giving a Major Accident Hazard perspective to the control of works.

“This new partnership aligns with our mission to help our clients with enhanced risk management solution, reaffirming our commitment to safety and efficiency,” says Petter Johnsen CEO of Presight Solutions.