Presight continues their vision to optimize efficiency and enhance safer operations for the future. Together with us, we present some new faces we are proud to be part of our journey. 


Emil Bauck Kroksnes

We are continuing to work towards enhancing our solutions for safer operations allowing a holistic approach to safety for key stakeholders such as QHSE managers and asset integrity managers. This year we are growing our team and happy to welcome talented people to our team allowing us together to create innovative solutions for our clients," says Petter Johnsen, CEO in Presight.

Emil Bauck

Emil is currently writing his master’s thesis in Risk Analysis and Governance at the University of Stavanger alongside his work with us. His academic background includes a bachelor’s degree in International Environmental and Development studies. Bringing his insights in risk analysis, communication, and risk management, coupled with his knowledge of sustainable development and climate regulations, makes him a valuable addition to Presight.

As an addition to the Delivery team, Emil will be working with our clients on the Barrier Management solutions, particularly working with Presight Barrier Monitor and our AI-powered Presight Barrier Bowtie Workbench.

Emil's commitment to building a safe future aligns with Presight's core values of protecting people, assets, and the environment. During his recent internship at the Norwegian Ocean Industry Authority and his current mentorship with PwC, Emil has demonstrated a keen understanding of the energy sector's structure. His dedication extends beyond academics, as he also serves as a sailing coach and instructor at Stavanger Sailing Club (Stavanger Seilforening).

Tale Stormark

Tale Stormark

Tale is pursuing her degree in Computer Technology with a focus on software systems from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim. Currently, she's on exchange at the University of Padova. She is working part-time and remotely with us from sunny Italy. At Presight, she is set to contribute to developing 'OpenRisk,' which is an innovative web platform dedicated to risk mapping and collaborative efforts. OpenRisk's main function is to facilitate the management and distribution of diagrams that illustrate risk, such as the Bowtie model. 

"I believe Presight is a place where I can continue to enhance my skills in a supportive environment," Tale remarks, expressing her eagerness to engage with Presight's team.

Outside work, Tale is passionate about skiing, hiking and traveling. 


We welcome on board Tale and Emil and look forward to working together and learning from each other’s knowledge.