PResight hires a risk expert to strenghten Presight Barrier Monitor™

Morten Andreassen


Presight hires a resource with extensive experience in applied risk management and operational safety from the O&G industry to further develop the barrier monitor solution on the operational and organisational barriers.


For 2022, the previous Petroleum Safety Authority, now Norwegian Ocean Industry Authority  set focus on competence and capacity in the offshore sector, which are prerequisites for safe and prudent operations. The right competence and sufficient capacity are key to maintaining robust barrier functions, in particular for operational and organisational barriers influenced by the human factors.


We are now strengthening the Presight Barrier Monitor™ team by hiring Morten Andreassen. With a MSc degree in risk management and safety leadership, he brings onboard 30+ years experience in applied risk management and operational safety as an HSSEQ professional working with several major operating companies.

For more than 15 years Morten has been deeply involved in incident investigations and learning methodologies when barriers fail. Particular focus has been to revealing weaknesses in the operational and organisational barriers that contributed to the incidents, which holds the behavioural and organisational causal factors.


Welcome to the team Morten!