Presight at the annual Risk Forum hosted by the Norwegian Petroleum Safety Authority (PSA).

Presight was present at the recent annual Risk Forum Conference hosted by the PSA on June 8th.

The Conference touched on many different issues such as digitalisation, automation organisations and much more.
Some of the findings presented by the PSA around safety and well-being of workers  particularly regarding human factors in the offshore energy industry were particularly interesting. The PSA noticed an observation between required competency levels and capacity, raising concerns about potential risks and unwanted events or accidents.

The PSA highlight the use of overtime, and pointed out that it can result in fatigue and decreased alertness among workers. It is worth noting that work hours in the industry are regulated by the Norwegian Working Environmental Act and Offshore Working Regulations. In addition, they pointed out another concern regarding whether the workers received sufficient rest and recovery.

Furthermore, they also identified the challenges with accurate tracking and registration of actual hours worked within the industry. This makes it challenging to identify patterns, address concerns, and ensure compliance with regulations.

Moreover, the findings emphasised the cumulative risks associated with long working hours. The involvement of subject matter experts was highlighted as essential for assessing and mitigating these risks to safeguard the well-being of offshore workers.

In conclusion, the PSA’s Risk Forum Conference had interesting issues regarding many aspects, and Presight found the findings around human factors especially of the importance. Presight Barrier Monitor measures and monitors the organisational and operational barriers in hope to shed light on competency levels, capacity, and overtime to ensure the safety and well-being of offshore workers.