Presight Barrier Monitor™ keeps improving

Presight hires a PhD candidate to further develop the barrier monitor solution on monitoring human factors that can lead to major accidents

Petroleum Safety Authority has clearly expressed how important it is to track human contributions to barrier functions together with technical barrier elements when managing barriers during petroleum activities.

Presight Barrier Monitor™ has always had a large focus on the interaction between technical, operational and organizational barrier elements and the influence human factors have on barriers. In order to improve the Presight Barrier Monitor™ solution on the human factor part even more, Presight has hired PhD candidate Neda Hashemi. Her PhD is within the area of working culture in companies.  From before, Hashemi, holds a MSc degree in HSE focusing on human errors, human factors and risk management. Hashemi will be responsible for researching and improving Presight Barrier Monitor™ to predict and monitor safety culture across departments and companies by addressing indicators, risk factors, and measurement challenges.  

Welcome to the team Neda!