Offshore operation – general

  • Daily Marine: Daily input of marine data
  • Misc. Marine: Daily input of marine data
  • Helicopter Traffic: Daily helicopter traffic
  • Vessel Movement: Daily vessel traffic
  • Week: Weekly input of operational information

Spesific Drilling Operation

  • Well (Rig and Well): Information about installation, operator and well identification
  • AFE: Information regarding the well time budget
  • Technical Limit: Information about technically feasible AFE for the well
  • Section: Here data are entered about the well’s sections (depth etc.)
  • Daily Drill: Daily input of drilling and well data
  • Operations 24h: Daily input of drilling and well data
  • Drill Parameters: Daily input of operational data
  • Bit: Information about drill bits

Specific SubSea operation

  • ROV crew
  • Parallell activities
  • Discounts
  • Phases
  • Activity, well, operation mode, equipment, manufacture, etc
  • Rates
  • Observations

Integration with Presight PM for flexible dashboard visialisation

  • Performace
  • Plans
  • Trends
  • Improvements

Handheld device for registration