In the heart of Frankfurt, the 2023 Global Conference on Process Safety and Big Data allowed industry leaders and experts to come together and explore the intersection between process safety and big data. The discussions  offered a platform for discussions spanning Barrier Management and Monitoring and asset integrity, process anomaly detection and digitalisation, as well as the role of human factor in the industrial realm.

Digital Transformation

The talks delved into the transformative power of digitalisation. The shift from traditional operative processes to cutting-edge technologies including the use of AI was a focal point. Attendees gained insights into the challenges and opportunities associated with this transition and how it aligns with the broader industry message.

The People Factor: Bridging the Generational Gap

Despite the frequent discussion of technology, a clear consensus stood out:generational demographics pose unique challenges in the digital journey. The conference discussed strategies, including engaging the next generation through innovative approaches, making the digital evolution more relatable and accessible. During the discussions, a key question was how to embed and measure the human element in processes.

Data Management and Challenges: Breaking Down Silos

A significant portion of the discussions revolved around data management. From the onset of static structures to the challenges posed by dynamic data silos, the speakers tackled issues surrounding handovers, digitalisation of plant data, and the imperative to adhere to regional standards.

Towards a Safer Tomorrow: Barrier Monitoring and Learning

Safety is not just a concept—it is a practice. The conference shed light on monitoring safety during production, using tests and inspections to identify potential hazards. The emphasis was on how data, whether in the form of time series, documents, images, videos, or sensor data, contributes to maintaining and improving safety standards.

Closing Thoughts: A Glimpse into the Future

As the day came to a close, the Process Safety and Big Data Conference in Frankfurt had shed light on the challenges of data management and the human factor to the nuances of safety standards and the broader implications of digital transformation.

This conference served as a testament to the industry’s commitment to progress—a commitment that recognises the symbiotic relationship between technology, safety, and the people who drive innovation forward.

Picture of the attendees at the Big Data and Process Safety Conference